The Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson

by Subject


A Accomplishment to
Articles of Confederation / Slavery
B Banneker, Benjamin to
Burr, Aaron / Imperial Aspirations
C1 Callender, James T. / Relationship with to
Congressional Powers
C2 Constitution / United States / Adoption to
Constitution / United States / General
C3 Constitution / United States / Implementation Under Law to
Corruption / The Congress
D Declaration of Independence / Contributions to
Doing Good
E Early LIfe to
F1 Family History to
Foreign Relations / Britain
F2 Foreign Relations / Britain and France at War to
Foreign Relations / Monroe Doctrine
F3 Foreign Relations / Neutrality to
Foreign Relations / Spain and England
F4 Foreign Relations / State of the World to
France / Revolution and Jacobins
F5 France / Revolution to
France / Revolution / Monarchy
F6 Franchise / and Property Requirement to
French People
G1 Governance to
Government / Object of
G2 Government / Just Principles to
Government / United States / U.S. Supreme Court / Appointment
H Hamilton, Alexander to
Hume, David / Britain's Constitution
I Ignorance to
Indigenous American Tribes / Migration of
J Jones, John Paul
K Knowledge / Communication to Others to
Kosciusko (General)
L Lafayette, Marquis de to
Lewis and Clark Expedition
M1 Malthus / on Political Economy to
Monticello / Tenant Farming Introduced
M2 Moral Principles / and Constitutions to
Moral Principles / Moral Sense and Conscience
M3 Moral Principles / Priestcraft to
Moral Sense / of Right and Wrong
N Nepotism to
North America / Natural State
O Old World Conditions / Prospects for Cause of Liberty
P1 Paine, Thomas / Bridge Design to
Physiocrats / Turgot
P2 Physiocrats / Turgot to
Presidency / Term of Office
P3 Public Office / Appointments but Duties not Discharged toPublic Service / Virginia Legislature
R1 Rebellion / Latin America to
R2 Retirement / Desire for to
Rush, Benjamin / Memorial
S Sea Power to
Statesmanship and the Congress
T Taxation / Excise Taxes to
Treaties / Commercial
U United States / Conditions to
Unity / Spirit of '76
V Vice Presidency to
Virtuous Behavior
W War / Comradeship and Death to
Westward Migration


A-C Abigail Adams to
James Currie
D-H Henry Dearborn to
Jean-Guillaume Hyde de Neuville
I-L Charles J. Ingersoll to
William Ludlow
M-O James Madison to
Notes for an Autobiography
P-S John Page to
James Sullivan
T-Z John Taylor to
George Wythe